We are sorry to say but due to Covid-19 we will not be able to host the Wakeoff live at the Lake Hopatcong Forest Yacht Club. HOWEVER we aren’t willing to give up on having the event! We have prepared a virtual format for the Wakeoff this year.

Virtual Format and Rules of the Video

Starting on July 25th we will be accepting video submissions of your “Wakeoff run”. A live link will be posted to our website where you can post your run on the 25th. We will accept submissions up until midnight on August 8th. The results of this new format will be announced on the original date of Wakeoff, August 15th.

In your “run” video you will be allowed up to 8 tricks to show us what you got. Lay it all out there just like it’s event day! Don’t worry you’re still allowed up to 2 falls so you have extra chances to land everything you want to show us!



The video should be taken from the rear seat of the boat so our judges can have an even viewing for everyone’s run. Drones and chase boat footage are awesome but please just keep filming to the towboat. This will help to judge everyone equally and fairly.

Start however you like, dock start, water start, platform start, etc. are all fine and good!

If you fall in your video we ask you do not stop recording so that our judges can be sure that everything was filmed in one take.

All participants only get ONE SUBMISSION, please keep it to one video each as we will have to watch every video and want to see everyone’s runs! .

For those that do them, please leave out any double ups this is just 8 straight wake tricks with 2 falls!

However if you can not do 8 wake tricks, tricks in the flats or tricks behind the boat are also encouraged and accepted.


Each Wakesurf run will be 1 minute in length. Submit your best run that is 1 minute in length!

Registration Information and Prizes

Registration for the event will be $20 and you’ll receive a Wakeoff 2020 shirt shipped right to your door. We know the big question you wanna know… WHAT CAN I WIN?? Well, we’re going to be putting together some prize packs from of our awesome past sponsors to send to the 1st place winner of each division as well as a 2020 Wakeoff Trophy.

If you’re not competing but want to continue your rad collection of annual Wakeoff shirts they’ll be for sale on the Swag Page!


We will post the results including each winner run and highlights from every entrant’s run in a compilation video to our Website and Instagram page on August 15th.

NOW GET OUT THERE AND START PRACTICING! Think about what 8 tricks are gonna put you on top!

Spread the word! Tell all your friends this is their chance to be apart of Wakeoff if they’ve never been able to make it. Our recommendation is film EVERYTHING. You never know when its just gonna be your day and you regret not filming a perfect run.

Although we’re super bummed that we won’t see your faces and runs at the Yacht Club on 8/8 we are pumped to see you riding in your element!