Jersey Wakeoff

A Huge Thank you Our 2016 Sponsors!

        It was a warm, Autumn Saturday in September, the location: Hopatcong State Park,  a wakeboarder's paradise, a calm stretch of glassy water, a perfectly weighted Malibu Wakesetter, and a professional driver flown in from Malibu Boats.  What more could a wakeboard bro need, you ask?  A dose of healthy competition!  Exactly what the Jersey Wakeoff has provided for the past eight years. As the Jersey Wakeoff approaches its ninth year of providing family friendly competition, we wanted to take a look back at the history of the Wakeoff.

        In 2008, a young, enthusiastic, wakeboarder wanted to fill a void in a region with limited exposure to the great sport of wakeboarding.  With the help of Lake Hopatcong Marine, family, and friends the Garden State Wakeoff was born. For two years Hopatcong State park hosted our great event, showcasing the acrobatic skills of riders varying in ages from five to sixty-five.  Inevitably, the competition grew and needed a change.  In 2010 the Garden State Wakeoff shifted to the Lake Forest Yacht Club, a prime location in Lake Hopatcong's Northern most cove, with a huge beach venue, and outstanding amenities it was the perfect fit.  For 2012 the competition was renamed with some Jersey Fresh style, the competition was dubbed the JERSEY WAKEOFF! 

         The 2013 Jersey Wakeoff made its official Summer time debut on August 10th.  A monumental step for the competition after a few years of cold rains, fall winds and even a hurricane.  For 2013 spectators and riders arrived at a glassy lake yielding soft winds, warm temperatures, and perfect water conditions.  Summertime welcomed the Jersey Wakeoff with open arms!

        For 2016 we expect nothing short of an outstanding day at the lake. With more sponsors, awesome vendors, a pro wakeboarder or two, and of course the best competition in the Northeast we hope to see you at the 9th annual Jersey Wakeoff!!