Joey Riley taking home 1st place in our 1st Virtual Wakeoff Wakesurfing Competition.

We have decided to continue to go forward with our wakesurfing competition. We received alot of good feedback on our virtual competition and the biggest request we received was to make the competition in person the day of Wakeoff. Although we would love to accommodate that, there are many limitations we deal with that prevent us from having a full live in person wakesurfing competition.

However we do realize that fully remote is not the way to continue and it is not what everyone wants to see. Which is why we have decided to change the format of our wakesurfing competition slightly.

The same as last year competitors will take a minute run of themselves and submit them to us before July 31st the video ends at one minute or when you fall. Once you submit your videos this year is where the new format comes into play

  • Judges will score the videos as fast as possible
  • We will announce the finalists on our instagram
  • We will work together with the finalists to find prior to Wakeoff to hold the finals
  • Finals will be held on Lake Hopatcong, the specific cove will be announced at a later time along with the date and time
  • We encourage spectators to come and watch the finals
  • The finals will have different rules from the video submission
  • Winners will be announced the day of Wakeoff during morning awards

We will also be making a snapchat where you guys can DM your videos over snap text to us and then we will repost them to our story for anyone who follows to watch. You can also dm us on instagram or you can post it as a reel to your instagram and tag us.

If you are a competitor in the Wakesurfing event you will be given free admission to Wakeoff. This is a separate event from Wakeoff so you DO NOT NEED to register to become a member of the WWA for this event. You only need to register for this wakesurfing event on our website.

Shaina Kassaleh taking home 1st place in the woman’s division in our first ever Wakeoff Wakesurfing competition.