Joey Riley taking home 1st place in our 1st Virtual Wakeoff Wakesurfing Competition.

We have decided to host our second annual virtual Wakeoff Wakesurfing competition this summer. Everyone loves wakesurfing but to have a full competition of it can take hours and spectators can not really see what is happening on the water.

That is why we have decided to go ahead and have another virtual event for our wakesurfing competition. It will be the same as last year where you have 1 minute to get your best tricks on video.

This is a separate event from Wakeoff so you DO NOT NEED to register to become a member of the WWA for this event. You only need to register for this wakesurfing event on our website.

Although the competition is happening on separate days we will use Wakeoff as a place to announce awards for our Wakesurfing competition and we invite all competitors to join us at Wakeoff this year. If you are a competitor in the Wakesurfing event you will be given free admission to Wakeoff.

We will also be making a snapchat where you guys can DM your videos over snap text to us and then we will repost them to our story for anyone who follows to watch.

We hope you guys join us in our second annual wakesurfing event this summer and can’t wait to see what you put together for us, keep shredding.

Shaina Kassaleh taking home 1st place in the woman’s division in our first ever Wakeoff Wakesurfing competition.