Joey Riley taking home 1st place in our 1st Virtual Wakeoff Wakesurfing Competition.

We have decided to continue to go forward with our wakesurfing competition. Beginning in 2023 we have decided to continuing to support a wakesurfing competition for Wakeoff. Unfortunately we can not accommodate it the day of the event because of a lack of time, depth of water and spectator engagement. We have decided to have the wakesurfing divisions the day before Wakeoff during the day Friday. As this will be our first year having a fully in person division we are limiting each division to just 10 entrants.

If you have any questions or please reach out to us anytime and come back to this page or our instagram for updates on the competition.

Shaina Kassaleh taking home 1st place in the woman’s division in our first ever Wakeoff Wakesurfing competition.